MCA Medicare Coverage Analysis

CTA Negotiations

CMS Reimbursement Approval

Billing Audit / CBO

Letter of Indemnification

Facility Use Agreement / Hospital Use Agreement (FUA/HUA)

Da Vinci Research Solutions is experienced with inpatient and outpatient studies in a wide range of therapeutic areas. 

The DRS Process:
First, we create a study-specific table, which identifies all tests, services, and billable costs that are associated with your study. 

​Next, we will develop an internal budget based on your actual costs, including staff time, your Research Fee Schedule, professional fees, and overhead.    

​DRS will work with Investigators to ensure that the site receives top dollar for the study staff's time.   

​We make sure that the final budget is not “back loaded." We will work to negotiate all start-up costs so your site is not out-of-pocket for any start-up expenses. We will also negotiate other one-time fees associated with your site and the with the study, such as equipment, travel, regulatory submissions, archive, pharmacy, etc.

Budget Negotiations