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Medicare Coverage Analysis

The team at Da Vinci Research Solutions has provided coverage analyses to over 40 health care facilities. We are equipped to handle both small community hospitals and large academic medical centers.

In order to bill Medicare for routine care costs of items and services, a clinical trial must first meet certain criteria to qualify for reimbursement.  

To determine if your clinical trial meets the requirements for Medicare reimbursement of routine costs, the MCA must be performed prior to enrolling study subjects and initiating clinical research procedures

Our process involves specialized team members in the development and quality assurance of each project. Each member brings his or her own expertise to the process.  The end result is a comprehensive analysis that you can trust.

Once complete, you will receive a final determination document, with evidence of analysis, a detailed billing grid (which includes research billing codes at each encounter), and a Research Encounter Form that can be used to alert Registration, HIM, Nurse Auditors, and Billing Departments of coding requirements and items to be billed to the study.

Da Vinci Research Solutions works closely with Investigators and Study Coordinators while preparing billing grids to ensure that the final document produces billing compliance for your facility.