The expert statisticians at Da Vinci Research Solutions become involved with your project in the initial stages, to ensure the correct methodological design and analysis plan for each desired project outcome and objective. There will be a set adjustment or contingency plan for missing or incomplete data resulting from patient withdrawal. After the study is complete, you will receive a clearly written report of the statistical analysis results and your data files. 

​In addition to statistical analysis, DRS can 
develop, create, and maintain databases for your project, whether it involves a small or large data set.

DRS statisticians have significant expertise with the following analyses in multiple therapeutic areas: 

  • causal modeling
  • econometrics
  • exploratory data analysis
  • principal components analysis
  • regression and multiple regression analyses
  • multivariate analyses

DRS statisticians are proficient in a number of statistical analysis software packages, including:

  • ​Excel
  • R
  • ​SAS

data analysis services