MCA Medicare Coverage Analysis

CTA Negotiations

CMS Reimbursement Approval

Billing Audit / CBO

Letter of Indemnification

Facility Use Agreement / Hospital Use Agreement (FUA/HUA)

Hospital Services

The team at Da Vinci Research Solutions is highly experienced in addressing the challenges that a healthcare system faces when allowing research within its facilities.

Whether you are a stand-alone community hospital, or a multi-hospital healthcare system, we will create practical solutions that fit within your existing structure, budget, and work flow.

Some of our services include:

  • Creating a process to identify, analyze, and track the studies being conducted within your facility.
  • Assessing current studies for risk and providing solutions to current issues.
  • Reducing FDA and Medicare non-compliance by ensuring that your facility has the necessary approvals, agreements and policies in place.
  • Creating a process to identify research participants, in order to insure billing compliance.
  • Identify solutions to the obstacles that Investigators and study staff often face when conducting research within a hospital.