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Claim Segregation Q0 Token Charge  IDE#Double Billing Q1
We will create a Research Billing Process that fits into your institution’s existing work flow, including notifications of research related visits, process flow, and research billing policy.

I know that we are doing research, so how can I identify research patients so that we can bill appropriately?

Facility Use Agreements, Letters of Indemnification, Service Agreements, Business Associate Agreement, Data Use Agreement

I have physicians bringing research patients into my facility.  What do I need to do to protect the hospital?

We will develop an internal budget based on your actual costs, including staff time, your Research Fee Schedule, professional fees, and overhead.

Am I getting top dollar for my study efforts?  Do I have documentation that my budget represents fair market value?

CRCP Certified

We incorporate your boilerplate language while using the model MAGI CTA template as a guide. 
A 24-hour turnaround on
initial revisions.

What is my liability if a research patient becomes injured?

Includes Coverage Analyses, review of claims, and process implementation recommendations.  Customized to your needs.

I would like to quantify my risk.

Should I bill the office visit to the study or to the patient?

Delineates whom to bill for each test and service at each visit.

Should I apply research codes to our study participants' claims?

Required if you anticipate billing routine care costs to Medicare.

Your Research Back office 

Da Vinci Research Solutions will handle all aspects of your study start-up, from negotiating your Clinical Trial Agreement to completing your Coverage Analysis. An interactive list of our services is included below.

Most services are a la carte, which means that you can use our services during high-volume months or for complex studies.

MCA Medicare Coverage Analysis

CTA Negotiations

CMS Reimbursement Approval

Billing Audit / CBO

Letter of Indemnification

Facility Use Agreement / Hospital Use Agreement (FUA/HUA)

Office of Research Administration

ORA Brochure

Please download and distribute to your colleagues.

 Most of our services are on a fee-for-service basis.  Let us handle your overflow and more complex studies.


Mandatory Reporting of Clinical Trial Number on Claims

Are your clinical research sites ready? "Mandatory Reporting of an 8-Digit Clinical Trial Number on Claims" begins effective January 1, 2014. See the attached MLN Matters article 8401 for further details...