Mandatory Reporting of Clinical Trial Number on Claims

Are your clinical research sites ready? "Mandatory Reporting of an 8-Digit Clinical Trial Number on Claims" begins effective January 1, 2014. See the attached MLN Matters article 8401 for further details... 

MCA Medicare Coverage Analysis

CTA Negotiations

CMS Reimbursement Approval

Billing Audit / CBO

Letter of Indemnification

Facility Use Agreement / Hospital Use Agreement (FUA/HUA)

Audits V70.7
Claim Segregation Q0
​Token Charge IDE# Double Billing

Research Billing Process

Da Vinci Research Solutions will create a Research Billing Process that integrates seamlessly into your institution’s existing work flow.  This process will strengthen your internal controls to ensure first-class research billing compliance.

​The DRS process begins by creating a centralized notification process for all studies within your facility.  By working with your registration, IT, and billing staff, we will outline a comprehensive process that produces compliant submission of claims.   

This service includes:

  • Establishing a notification process of research-related visits
  • Process flow
  • Training
  • Research Billing Policy